are we there yet?

A Book about Sexuality, the Church, and the Road to Transformation.


are we there yet?

How do we respond to sexual brokenness in Truth and Love?

How is homosexuality different than other struggles?

Is simply having Same Sex attraction sinful?

How do we as the Church walk alongside those with sexual identity struggles?

Is the answer always a hard “NO” if I am invited to a Gay Wedding?

Drew surrendered his broken sexuality to the Lordship of Christ in 1996, leaving behind a homosexual relationship. He chose to trust Christ with his future, believing that the Word of God was trustworthy, and that Christ would be faithful to give him a life worth living outside of a homosexual identity or relationship. This surrender began a process of transformation and healing confronting the issues of same sex attraction and overall relational dysfunction in his life.

Drew takes the lessons he has learned in his own journey of transformation, as well as two decades of experience walking alongside those who struggle with their sexuality, and those in the LGBTQ community, to address these questions with pastoral insight, spiritual depth, humor, and practical wisdom.